Ventana Vista Kindergarten

Welcome to Ventana Vista Kindergarten! !Bienvenidos!
February is jam packed with FUN!!!!  We have several dress up days to keep in mind:

Feb. 17th and 18th:  Show your American spirit by wearing red, white, and blue! 
Feb. 19th Rodeo Dress Up Day:  Send your little buckaroos wearing their best cowboy garb for our fun and exciting Math Rodeo!

Here is what we will focus on academically this month:

Reading: We will continue to focus on using sight words and patterned language to read more fluently.  Students will learn to figure out unknown words by chunking the beginning syllable and then thinking about what would make sense.  We are not decoding whole words, but rather focusing on the initial few sounds and then using vocabulary in the story context to make a guess about what word would make sense.  We will be making many little decodable flip books that students can use their "sounding out" strategies to read.  This is when students really begin to feel like readers, when they gain the confidence to approach a new word and make an attempt at reading it.

Phonemic Awareness:  We are working on digraph sounds like th, sh, and ch. 

Math:  Our month in math will center around math sentences and the symbols of +, -, and =.  We will use counters to tell math stories about equations and begin solving story problems with drawings and numbers.

Writing:  Over the next few months students will learn how to write persuasively about our favorite things.  We are learning to give reasons for our opinions.  We are stressing whole sentence writing and spacing between words.  We will also begin instruction on when to use capitals and when to use lowercase.

Science:  We are learning about things that are natural and man made.  We are also conducting science experiments where students must make predictions and record observations.

Social Studies:  We finish our unit on American Symbols and tie the unit together with big ideas such as freedom, equality, and heros!


Be A Bobcat

At Ventana Vista we follow three simple rules at work and play:

Be Kind        Se Amable

Be Safe            Se Seguro

Be your best    Da lo mejor de ti


Bilingual tip of the month:

When you are having dinner, play a song in Spanish, like some of the songs that are linked on our page.

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